Virtual Clinic Features

Integrated Communication Tools

Patients can interact and make easy consultations via live web cam chat and also through email and SMS. Through live video consulting, you will get the answers right away. This online communication is equally effective or even better in the sense that you have the access with your physician 24/7. It is feasible for you because it is time saving and can be done from your home with the help of internet. Serona Health offers you a well secured and affordable communication system while adhering to strict clinical protocols.

Online Orders

After the consultation doctors can prescribe medications, labs and treatment online. once doctor places a order a notification is sent to you through email. This will reduce the chances of medical errors.

Pay Online

Payment can be done online using your credit card or debit card. Doctors decide their fees depending on your case. Your payment transactions are secured through our payment gateway system.

Store Health Records

Once you had an appointment with a doctor, your health record is saved online. You can upload your lab reports, X-rays or scans and using our Dicom viewer, physicians can examine them carefully and understand even more subtle health issues and prescribe the best treatment. In case of any emergency or to consult any other doctor, you can transfer your online health records which are more time saving and easy. You can access your health records at anytime, anywhere in the world.

Virtual Clinic Assistant

Virtual Clinic Assistant or VICA directs your queries and messages to the doctors. It ensures that doctors should never miss a patient and will answer to you and vice versa. VICA sends reminders to both physicians and patients via email and SMS. If you upload any lab results or any images that will be soon acknowledged to the physician with the help of VICA. When your diagnosis is ready you will be notified via text messages or email. VICA handles cancellation and rescheduling too.

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